Conference Organizers

Give your attendees something to look forward to! Mix in a little fun, a few tours, and some relationship-building experiences with rest of your itinerary and you have created a great conference! Research shows that more people will attend your conference if you have something “extra” planned for them. We go the “extra” mile to offer a long list of tours and event options… from city sightseeing tours to deep sea fishing to whole-hog barbeque cookouts! And the service is free!

Why use us?

You get great service from experienced professionals, and it doesn’t cost you a thing! You don’t have to keep up with money or a headcount. We’ll visit your host city in advance to scout out the best tours and most entertaining venues. We’ll negotiate the best rates. And we’ll list the options and the steps for signing up for these excursions on YOUR website. Conference attendees can link to the form from your website, complete the easy registration, and send in their money and tour requests. It’s that simple!

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